Guys Swapping Notes

The boys, off the coast of Italy, talking about the trip, just before hitting Somalia
The concept of The Red Pill is not an ideology. It's not a philosophy, it's not a set of morals, and it sure as shit isn't a hugbox. It's a praxeology. I don't care how often people say otherwise, you can call a hoe a housewife as much as you want, you're still coming home to a hoe.
And now I'm saying it. Vox talks about it as:
"Game doesn't require grounding in anything but observation of human behavior and the construction of predictive models from it. The "why" is irrelevant."
Sound familiar?

Red Pill is Game

Take this title, and the quote from Vox. Another gem from /u/UltmateCAD to repeat it:
There. Right there, for all you fucking feminists who keep talking about this like a flawed ideology, that's all it is. Men talking to other men, swapping notes, and learning... that's it.
Guys swapping notes. People want to make it into something bigger, something more. Maybe a need to belong, some need for a higher purpose, the fuck knows why? The Red Pill has a simple, easy to understand core:
Praxeology: The deductive study of human action based on the notion that humans engage in purposeful behavior, as opposed to reflexive behavior like sneezing and inanimate behavior.
Yes, women are children. This doesn't mean that they are some emotional lemming with the self awareness of a Tamagochi. They know what they are doing. They may obfuscate the reasons behind a wall of rambling nonsense, but they know. So when you ask:

  • What you want out of life?
  • What you want out of your relationship?
  • Do you want a relationship at all?
  • Do you want to stay with your wife?
  • Do you want children?

None of these things are, or are not Red Pill. They are goals, and they vary to the extent that man can vary.

What is Red Pill? 

The strategies men have, to achieve their goals, based on the results other men have had in those same experiences. Ultimately it involves happiness. It views the world through a sexual lens, and considering most things in life are either about sex, or money (as a means to get sex) it's a pretty good starting point. There is only one core tenant, Lift.

This man will always outdo this man, regardless of endeavor. 

Rule 1: Be attractive
Rule 2: Don't be unattractive
This gets you past 80% of your obstacles. The first involves simple (not easy, simple) action. Eat well, lift heavy, look hawt. The second encompasses almost the entirety of what you read on The Red Pill. The self awareness to embrace the two rules tends to be a harder one to internalize, you can't teach it, you have to feel it.

You Are the Prize

Of all the people you know, right now, how many would wipe your ass for you. How many would feed you, every day, without complaint. How many would fight to the death to keep you alive and from harm.
Only you.
You're the only one who is there for you when you die, the only one who is truly there for you, regardless of circumstance. It's not a failing of society, your wife, your girlfriend, or your mommy, it's the way the world works. And it's a good thing, once you accept it. Your life is 100% under your control. Man has survived, and thrived through slavery, war, famine, plague, flood, social media, and a real estate guy from New York saying bad things about women. Through all these things, you are here, today. Not because life made things easy, but because hard life made man focus on his sphere of influence, ignoring the superfluous.
You will be mocked, you will be belittled. At worst? You will be shamed, accused of crime, or attacked. If one is lucky, people will simply get in line and take the new you as the value they shall cling to. This isn't a critique on the merits of putting yourself ahead of anyone else in your life, this is strategy, played out. This is why you need a praxeology. An optimal strategy. From Ironwood:
The goal of a Red Pill marriage isn't how to get your wife back into the kitchen where she belongs, as the well-intentioned Anon seems to think, it's how to effectively and efficiently run a family in a way that provides the most secure happiness to all. 
Right now we don't have a great answer on what to do about the loss of marriage 1.0. We will get there. So far we have spin plates, have an LTR baby momma, and personally handle the birth control. It will evolve over time. Another example. The amount of women beginning to out earn their men is increasing, and have no expectations of this changing:
The Red Pill answers that issue by abandoning economic input as the factor by which dominance in the relationship is established.
That is now the strategy. Relationships are generally failing.
She's not yours, she is just your turn. 
OK. You still want to give it a solid go?
The praxeology of the Red Pill states that heterosexual relationships in which the male leads with unapologetic dominance are the most successful strategy.
You don't care what Jesus would do. You don't care what she thinks about your choices. You don't care about society, or it's laws (isofar as you can avoid consequences you cannot handle) you care about the result.
Ideologies are belief systems which hold up ideals - moral, ethical, social - as standards by which to live or guide us. Humanism, Marxism, Christianity, and the Boy Scouts are all ideologies of various sorts. They establish lofty goals toward which we aspire, celebrating unifying beliefs that, guide our actions and thoughts. A praxeology is simple, it gives you a means to an end.
If you want a philosophy, or ideology for the Red Pill, the closest you are going to find is the philosophy of self-interest. When one hears pejoratives about TRP, you should really hear it with those words instead. Because that's what it is. Someone deciding to use their standard strategy of shame, nagging, and pseudo debate to change your own self-love, into theirs. You think some bored soccer mom a half a world away cares what you do?
They don't.
They care about how it affects them. You shouldn't be mean to people, because I want no one to be mean to me. You shouldn't plate women, because I don't want to give sex without getting something in return.
Women are wonderful teachers, completely self absorbed, solipsistic, self unaware in the way we would describe it, and I thank them for it. Between women and cats, I cannot think of better examples of unabashed self-interest one can emulate in the world. Every shitty thing every women has ever done, while you will get mad, is a prime example of you expecting someone else to live and protect your interests, and their lesson in why you were an idiot for thinking this was the case.


That anger isn't for women, it never was, that anger is always ours. Our anger is there as a constant reminder that how we see the world is still tinted blue. The more we have, the further we still have to go. It's a throwback to our caveman days. Back then, if someone did something you didn't like, you would club them on the head until they stopped. We only wanted food, shelter, and sex back then, those that guarded those things tended to breed more cavemen.
Red Pill isn't a why, it's a how. The how to achieve your own self interest. What that entails is up to you. The strategy to get there, once you know what you want? That's the scope of The Red Pill.
Let the harpies get mad, they are supposed to, you've stated, in the open, that you officially downgraded their needs to the bottom of your list. Their critique of TRP is their anger phase, yours is the realization of your self-love. You will own it and move forward, they will not.
Welcome to the club, check your ego out the door, and start learning from your fellow man